"I've been on a journey to optimal wellness for the last 7 or 8 years now, and it's been a slow, progressive path.
My first few steps began with fertility struggles, not uncommon by any means, but it led me to start exploring the world of superfoods, and plants abundant in beneficial properties for hormone health. I remember thinking Peruvian Maca powder stirred into cows milk would be the panacea to my pregnancy wishes.
Fast forward a few years, a beautiful six month old daughter in our lives, and I came down with a nasty bout of shingles, again, not uncommon. It was here I took more steps onto this path, gobbling up any and all information I could about healing foods, anti-inflammatory foods and plants, as well as ways to naturally boost my immune system. Wheatgrass shots were welcomed at this point...but I wasn't quite there yet.

My third phase of wellness awakening was when I had elective, double foot surgery. My girl was 18 months old, we moved into my parents house, and I was literally bed bound for six weeks. No weight bearing whatsoever. Both big toes were broken, re-aligned, tendons snipped, and three screws placed in each foot.

During this time, every single day, I had a wheatgrass shot. I also went vegetarian as I was now fully dedicated to keeping inflammation at an absolute minimum to assist healing.

The power of my body to heal so fast, and keep my mental strength during that period of time spoke volumes to me. What if I could explore this even more, how great could I actually feel I wondered.

Which brings me here. Now, a passionate wellness advocate, where I help anyone who wants to listen, incorporate even just some of what I practise.

My cornerstones of abundant wellness are, organic, whole-foods, plant-based, daily physical activity, energy work, sunlight, clean water, a power circle of people around me...and nature. Super Nature.

I am so proud to bring this stunning plant to you. A daily wheatgrass shot was my gateway on this journey, and it might just be yours as well. 

I've selected the finest there is in New Zealand, quite possibly the world. Grown in our beautiful sun for 90 days, in organic soil that has been so for thirty years. Harvested and dried in a unique way that ensures the maximum freshness and nutrient density. 

I've created the mantra for SUPER NATURE to be - a small step for a radical difference - and it is just that. A small step, how every great journey begins.

Thank you for joining me. I welcome you to the SUPER NATURE of YOU!"

Sarah Tanner - Founder

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Sarah can be found on Instagram as @sarahtannernz where she is a proud brand ambassador for Ceres Organics, as well as providing content consultancy work with some of New Zealands top wellness brands. She has been featured in many prominent publications and events, to offer her story, knowledge and inspiration through workshops, public speaking, and energy work.