Shoot For The Win

If you are new to daily wheatgrass shots, and it all feels a little too green for you, here are our top 5 suggestions for maintaining the pleasure, whilst still gaining the benefits...

1. Use juice instead of water. In your custom SUPER NATURE shot jar, pour your favourite juice up to the fill line, add your 1 teaspoon of SUPER NATURE organic wheatgrass, and shake. Our first choice of juices to compliment are, organic apple, blackcurrant, or a tropical mix like mango and passionfruit. 

2. Add to your smoothies. 1 teaspoon added to your favourite blend and you won't even know it's there.

3. Use a plantbased milk as your liquid in the SUPER NATURE shot jar, add a teeny drop of maple syrup, or stevia, shake and enjoy. Gradually reduce the sweetener as you get use to it, until you need none at all.

4. Add to your raw treat recipes like this mint choc chip ice cream HERE or bliss balls. Amazing as a natural green colouring too.

5. Added to your salad dressings or guac! As long as you're not heating the recipe, SUPER NATURE can be whisked into a simple herb, lemon, oil and maple dressing, or smashed into your fave Mexican guacamole...this might be a good way to sneak it in for the kids too!

We hope this gives you a few more ideas, and we would love to hear yours too!

Super days! x

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